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Clark County Educational Service Center

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Clark County Educational Center 25 West Pleasant St Springfield, OH 45506
Phone: (937) 325-7671 Fax: 937-717-0518


About the Clark County Educational Service Center
 The mission of the Clark County Educational Service Center is to support excellence in the delivery of educational services.

Welcome to the Clark County Educational Service Center's Web Page. The Clark County ESC provides support services to the six local and one city school district in Clark County. Together these districts enroll over 26,000 students.

Services provided by the Clark ESC include special education program development and supervision, financial planning and analysis for districts, psychologists and other related service providers, multi-handicapped and preschool classes, drug free program coordination, OSHA and asbestos regulation compliance assistance and an attendance officer.

Our Instructional Services department provides curriculum development and supervision, a media library and professional development. The professional development program provides inservice training for over 3,000 teacher attendees each year. The department also provides direct assistance to individual building administrators and staff for school improvement programs.

We also serve as a clearinghouse for all teacher and administrative applicants for our local school districts. Please check the application section of this web page to access a copy of our application.

If you have questions concerning any aspect of our service center, please contact our offices.

What is an Educational Service Center?

A county educational service center serves a county school district which includes the territory within the limits of a county, exclusive of the territory embraced in any city or exempted village school district.

A county educational service center has no taxing power, nor does it have general powers to operate schools. It does have the authority to change local school district boundaries by creation, transfer, or consolidation of districts within it s system. The primary function of a county educational service center and its staff is to provide supervisory and special services to the local school districts within the county system.