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Clark County Educational Service Center

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Clark County Educational Center 25 West Pleasant St Springfield, OH 45506
Phone: (937) 325-7671 Fax: 937-717-0518

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Educational Service Center?

An educational service center serves a county school system which includes the territory within the limits of a county, exclusive of the territory embraced in any city or exempted village school district.

An educational service center has no taxing power, nor does it have general powers to operate schools. It does have the authority to change local school district boundaries by creation, transfer, or consolidation of districts within it's system. The primary function of a county educational service center and its staff is to provide supervisory, special services, and professional development to the local school districts within the county system.

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Clark County Educational Center
Garfield Building
25 West Pleasant St.
Springfield, OH 45506
(937) 325-7671