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Psychological Services

Psychological Services

School psychologist services include but are not limited to consulting with others to plan and develop school programs and interventions to meet specific needs of children or groups of children; conducting and monitoring interventions; conducting interviews; performing observations; administering psychological tests and other assessment procedures; interpreting assessment results; obtaining, integrating, and interpreting information about child behavior related to learning; diagnosing psychological disorders that effect learning and / or behavior ; participating in the provision of a program of mental health services , including counseling for children and / or parents .

What we offer
  • Certified and / or licensed school psychologist.
  • A member of the schools intervention assistance teams. Help to provide interventions and methods to measure the success of the interventions.
  • Develop an evaluation plan if a student is referred for an evaluation.
  • Administer psychological tests to students suspected of being handicapped; interpret the assessment results; chair the evaluation team meetings; provide a written report of the results of the assessment to the school district board office, parent, school building and ccesc; provide results of the assessment to the special education teacher if the student in question qualifies for services as a handicapped student and a IEP needs be written; make sure all is done within the time lines of the state of Ohio and that all the mandated form are used in the process. 
  • Provide reevaluations of all handicapped students within the three-year time frame established by the state by the date they are due. Plan what standardized assessments, if any, will be needed to determine if a child continues to qualify for services under their present handicapping condition. Once the reevaluation information is collected, a report is written and a meeting is held which is chaired by the psychologist to determine if the child continues to qualify. 
  • The psychologist on all children referred for an evaluation or referred due to behavior concerns completes observations.
  • Help the school develop functional behavior assessments as needed and behavior plans. Help in issues of manifestation determination.
  • Consult with parents, teachers and at times students about issues related to behavior and learning.
  • Provide counseling and crises intervention as needed and / or requested by the school.
  • Set up all evaluation and reevaluation team meetings making sure to invite all the required personnel.
  • Provide observations and evaluations to outside referrals to help in the diagnoses and treatment of conditions affecting a Child's learning. 
Key Benefits
  • Great public relations.
  • District is assured that the laws governing the identification and services for handicapped children are being met. 
  • District is provided with the written evaluation reports for every student evaluated in their district.
  • Counseling services are provided when necessary to special education students and parents. The same services are provided to students in regular education with the parent’s permission.
  • Consultation services are provided to the staff when needed.
  • Attend parent, teacher conferences when requested.