Business Advisory Council

The Clark County Educational Service Center Business Advisory Council is working in conjunction with the Jobs and Job Readiness Task Force, a collaboration of local employers, economic and development officials, and local school and college representatives, to address employment and economic needs in Clark County.

The Business Advisory Council has met quarterly on September 27, 2018, December 13, 2018 (joint meeting with the Clark County ESC Governing Board), and February 27, 2019.

The BAC is in the process of researching employment and economic needs in the county and building working relationships to strengthen the work of the Clark County ESC. Southeastern Superintendent Dave Shea has attended meetings to share the perspectives of superintendents and administrators and has started to represent the interests of county schools at various meetings in the community. Local business leaders have shared their challenges with filling open positions in the Clark County area. We are working with a CareSource executive, a major employer in Clark County, to join the BAC and help with resource alignment and strategic planning. The BAC participated in the 8th Grade All About Me Clark County Career Exploration Event. The BAC is working with post-secondary educations to examine high-needs and under-utilized employment training programs. The BAC has started initial explorations of a School-to-Work Ambassador program and a roadmap for the development of programs in Clark County. In conjunction with the Jobs and Job Readiness Task Force, the BAC is exploring options for K-12 curriculum on careers and soft employment skills.

The Clark County ESC Business Advisory Council’s recommendations are to continue to build strong working relationships between local business and economic leaders and schools to create sustainable, effective programs to address ,

Business Advisory Council Members

Megan Anthony

Dan Bennett

Leslie Crew

John Detrick

Horton Hobbs

Diane Ivory

Linda Jordan

Mike Kirchens

Kristin Skiles

Stuart Young

The Clark County Business Advisory Council will build awareness among educators, families, students and the general community about the various pathways to success after high school graduation.