Preschool News

Preschool students at Enon Primary are learning about their neighborhoods and maps! The students utilized maps that led them to find treasure!! They also enjoyed a movie and popcorn!

Students at Medway Preschool enjoyed an activity learning about sorting! Learning is fun!!!!

Preschool Trick-Or-Treat (Medway)

Medway preschoolers enjoyed trick-or-treating throughout the building and many other fall oriented activities.

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Rhonda Summerville and Katie Bishop, ESC occupational therapy staff assigned to the Springfield City School District, have been busy not only working with children in more than 5 different district buildings, but have arranged time to start fine and visual motor groups in each of the preschool classrooms at Clark Preschool. They have been busy organizing and implementing fun activities to motivate and encourage fine motor development with all of the 3 and 4 year old students attending preschool in the city. They are introducing “Mr. Chompy” as their motivational fine motor mascot. Great job ladies for going the extra mile for the students and district you serve!

Katie Bishop and Rhonda Summerville


"Pumpkin Day" at Medway School Preschool! Students completed a physical therapy pumpkin obstacle course and worked with Speech and OT doing a sensory activity with pumpkin sculptures!

Professional Development News

On Monday, October 18, 2021, Clark County ESC hosted an OPES 2.0 professional development session for administrators from Northeastern Local Schools. This Ohio Department of Education training focused on the new Ohio Principals Evaluation System which was recently adopted. Current administrators discussed the application of principal standards, ranging from best practices for school improvement to equity and cultural responsiveness and participated in analyzing data used for professional planning and evaluation.


The Business Advisory Council met Thursday, October 21st to review their goals for the 2021-2022 year. Neil Cordonnier, the President of Ultra-Met was the guest speaker for the month and shared his perspective as a business seeking to fulfill employment needs. The BAC seeks to connect students in local districts with internship and employment opportunities in the community.

CPI Training

On Friday, the Clark County ESC held CPI Training. CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training is a safe, nonharmful behavior management system designed to help professionals in any setting provide the best possible Care, Welfare, Safety and Security of individuals presenting a range of crisis behaviors. The purpose of the program is to build the knowledge and skills needed to recognize and manage crisis behaviors you may encounter in the workplace.

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