Fellow of Distinction Award

The Fellow of Distinction Award Program was established by the Clark County ESC Board of Education on May 14th of 2019.

A Fellow of Distinction is conferred by the Board of Education upon an individual who has made a lasting, significant contribution to the Clark County Educational Service Center's mission, vision, and values; who has made a positive impact while championing students, staff or the wider public; and who has excelled in a career of exceptional circumstances or leadership while displaying high professional and ethical standards.

2019 Fellow of Distinction Award Recipients

Dr. John Louis (Doc) Agle

During his many years of serving first on the Clark County Board of Education (later called the Clark County Education Service Center), Dr. Agle worked with six superintendents and varied board members. He feels Clark County has been blessed by the quality of these leaders and the staff who supported them.

Dr. Agle always promoted the concept of local control for boards of education. He feels the needs of students, staff and the public are best served by a board who knows the county's needs well. He feels the Clark County boards of education have fulfilled this mission.

Dr. Agle is proud to be a member of a family who has served on school boards for generations. His Grandfather and Father were members of Harmony Township School Boards. Dr. Agle also championed the CTC and served on it’s board for several terms. Dr. Agle served for 35 years on the Clark County boards of education.

Dr. John Agle accepting his Fellow of Distinction Award on June 3, 2019.

Mrs. Sarah Wiegel

Sarah comes from a family of educators. Her father, mother, husband, son, daughter, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, and daughter-in-law have all been in the teaching field. Currently her oldest granddaughter wants to continue the trend. It was only natural to teach and become involved with young people – a friend called it a family curse.

Sarah taught for several years before she chose to be a full-time mom. She served as a 4-H advisor, committee member, and committee chairman.

Sarah served on the Southeastern Local School Board for 4 years and was a member of the Clark County ESC Board for 16 years, serving terms as vice President and President. During this time the board has grown and expanded services, thanks to the wonderful staff employed. She enjoyed her time working with staff and being a part of enhancing opportunities for all students in Clark County.

Mrs. Sarah Wiegel accepting her Fellow of Distinction Award on June 3, 2019.

The award is conferred without regard to race, religion, philosophy, ethnic origin, citizenship, language, gender, or sexual orientation.