9760 W. National Rd.

New Carlisle, OH 45344

(937) 845-3576


Tecumseh Local Schools is the driving force behind a community of diverse and proudly connected Arrows. We are relentless learners who strive to become better tomorrow than we were today.


The Tecumseh Local School District vision is Learning for All ~ Whatever it Takes! We have made a commitment that all actions and initiatives undertaken by administrators, staff and students in our district will be aligned directly to one or more of the four overarching goals below.

  • Academic Growth – We develop and enrich the academic capacity of our students and staff to prepare for success in a changing world.

  • Wellness – Tecumseh Local Schools emphasizes the development of mental, physical and social wellness of staff and students.

  • Fiscal Responsibility – We are honest and responsible stewards of school district funds, ensuring the best possible learning environment for all students.

  • Community Engagement – We provide and create opportunities to actively engage the diversity, support and experience of our community.

We believe that if we are accountable to these goals as a district and as a community, our schools will continue to improve, achievement will increase, and decisions about doing what’s best for students will be clear.

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