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Message from the Superintendent

Dear Clark County Community –

Boards of Education in Ohio are comprised of locally elected citizens who are tasked with making critical decisions to maintain quality schools and represent the interest of the community. Each January, we recognize the important contributions these board members make during School Board Recognition Month.

Being a board member is a challenging but rewarding job. During their term, they dedicate their time and energy to the important job of educating the children of their community. The time spent at monthly board meetings represents just a fraction of their efforts. They also spend time preparing for meetings, attending trainings and workshops, and talking with the people who elected them to office.

As members of a board of education, they make decisions such as selecting a superintendent and treasurer, making policy, setting a budget, and adopting curriculum. They are required to stay current on issues and trends affecting education locally, state-wide and nationally and to carry out the ever-changing directives of the state and federal government.

Most importantly, board members must know their community and the citizens they are elected to represent so that they are able to make decisions that reflect the values of the community. The Board of Education is entrusted with protecting the community’s investment in education and ensuring that investment results in a high-quality education to prepare the next generation for a successful future.

At the Educational Service Center, our board is asked to know now only the district they live in, but the districts throughout the county and the region that we serve. ESCs provide high-quality programs and services that districts need and want at an affordable price to maximize each district’s budget. In order to accomplish those goals and help our member districts, our board members must be uniquely attuned to the needs and challenges each district faces.

These board members, and board members everywhere, are concerned citizens just like you. They are parents and grandparents, taxpayers, residents, alumni, and employers from all walks of life, committed to serving their community in meaningful and lasting ways. They chose to pursue office in order to make those contributions and create opportunities for excellent education for students in your community.

School Board Recognition Month is our opportunity to recognize the work our board members do to improve education in our communities. Please join the Clark County Educational Service Center and the districts of Clark County in thanking our board members for their dedication to the important job of ensuring that this community offers students the high-quality education they need to become successful, productive citizens.

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