Success Makers

 The Success Maker program was created to recognize staff members who are working daily to create opportunities for success for their students, co-workers, and their community. We received nearly 20 nominations for the Fall Awards. All nominees had amazing stories, the CCESC staff members are truly making a difference in the lives of our students. 

Fall 2023 Success Makers

Heather Wessels

Heather Wessels is an amazing Special Education Teacher at Enon Primary Preschool. She is constantly implementing new and inspiring activities to get the kids, as well as parents, excited and involved. Heather plans thanksgiving and christmas week activities and so much more for the students! On top of that, all this remains inclusive for a variety of learning levels.

Heather takes these extra projects on top of running a full classroom each day, all in the hopes to help Enon succeed in inclusion!

A coworker shared, “She truly is an inspiration to myself and to my entire staff/team. I look up to her for advice, education on topics, etc.”

Greg Whitt

Greg Whitt is Preschool and Pleasant Streets dedicated Head Custodian. He is someone that all you have to do is ask and he is there to help. The ESC had to open two preschool classrooms at Enon Primary this November and it couldn't have happened without the support from Greg.

He helped move in the new teachers, empty classrooms, work on heaters, bring furniture from the ESC to Enon, built the furniture and was there to do anything we needed! The classrooms were able to open on time because of his support. We couldn't be more thankful for what he does for us in the Preschool World.

Along with Preschool, Greg is just an overall nice human being. He checks on people to make sure they are ok and even throws a joke in there to make someone smile. His job has to be frustrating when he fixes one thing and another item breaks. He just helps with completing the task with no questions asked. We appreciate this about him as well.

Fall 2022 Success Makers

Kelly Woodrow-Cindric

Rebecca Newland

Loretta Coffey