Parent Mentor

What does a parent mentor do?

  • Guides families through the special education process;

  • Helps families understand their rights and responsibilities;

  • Provides information and resources to families and schools. This includes education laws and district programs.

  • Engages community services and other resources to support schools and families;

  • Attends Individualized Education Program meetings and other meetings at the requests of the parents or staff members;

  • Listens and supports both the families and teachers on an individual basis;

  • Hosts information sessions or workshops for families and professionals;

  • Connects families, schools and the community to benefit students with disabilities.


Parent mentors provide information and support to families of children with disabilities and their school districts. Each mentor is a district employee and also is a parent of child with a disability.


School districts develop and provide meaningful educational programs for all students. A parent mentor works to support the relationship between the school and the family of a child with a disability. The school and family work together to provide a pathway for the child’s success. By working closely with the parents and teachers, the parent mentor is an important part of the student’s educational team.

The Parent Mentor Program is offered by school districts. Mentors provide information and support to families about special education issues. Additionally, they make sure the district receives perspective and input from families.

Susan Sweeney, Clark County Parent Mentor

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