Excellence in Education 2024

The 31st annual Excellence in Education Award Dinner is being held to honor student accomplishments. We want to recognize Clark County's Valedictorian, Salutatorians, and Honor Graduates, as well as the teachers who inspired them.




Selecting a Teacher to Receive the Larry K. Zerkle Excellence in Education Award

1.    You are to select the one teacher from your K-12 school career who has had the most influence on your success. This may be a teacher who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to encourage you in your academic endeavors, or a teacher who has provided extraordinary guidance and direction to you.

2.   The teacher, whom you select, must be a teacher from the school district you are now attending. (Exceptions may be made if you have just moved into the district.) The teacher you choose may be retired or deceased.

3.   Remember, the teacher may have been a kindergarten, elementary, middle school, or senior high school teacher. He/she need not be a teacher you have had this year. 

Completing the Teacher Selection Form

1.    Please complete the Teacher Selection Form as soon as possible and return it to your district representative. Please allow more than enough time for letters of invitation to be prepared, mailed to your honored teachers and to your parents. Etiquette would suggest that all guests receive their invitations at least one week in advance of the event.

2.   When filling out the Teacher Selection Form PLEASE be sure to provide your complete address (including zip code) and the complete address (including zip code) of the teacher selected to be honored. This will enable us to mail the invitation letters to your parents and to the honored teacher.

3.   Type a statement that describes why you selected this teacher to receive the Larry K. Zerkle Excellence in Education Award. Statements in the past have averaged between 125 to 250 words. This statement needs to be submitted electronically to your committee representative as early as possible. (Please do not scan statement, please submit it in its original format) 

Presenting the Excellence in Education Award at the Banquet on June 4, 2024