High-Performing ESC

Clark County ESC Earns High-Performing Designation

For the third consecutive year, the Clark County Educational Service Center has received designation as a High-Performing ESC by the Ohio Department of Education.

“Our commitment at the Clark County ESC is to enhance the educational opportunities offered to Clark County students by providing exceptional services that make the most of tax dollars in our community,” said Superintendent Dan Bennett. “Our designation as a high-performing ESC and the cost savings we’ve demonstrated for our educational partners shows that we are making a difference in Clark County Schools and in the lives of students and the additional funding eached will help provide even more opportunities .”

The high-performing ESC designation means the Clark County ESC will receive an additional $2 in funding per student for fiscal year 2019.

The Clark County ESC demonstrated more than $3.5 million in savings for local school districts through shared services that maximize tax dollars in our community. New in fiscal year 2017, the ODE required Educational Service Centers to apply for high-performing status, documenting services provided to local school districts that demonstrated savings.

The ODE announced Oct. 11 that the Clark County ESC was one of 52 high-performing ESCs in the state. Every ESC applied for and received the designation. According to the Ohio Educational Service Center Association, ESCs demonstrated a combined $63.9 million in savings for Ohio schools, averaging 34 percent savings for clients.  

Educational Service Centers are public agencies that help school districts provide high-quality, fiscally-responsible services through sharing the costs with other schools.