Professional Development

The Clark County Educational Service Center provides teacher, support staff, and administrator training for over 1,200 staff members in the Clark County Local Schools. Certificates of attendance will be provided as verification of contact hours and session content. Certificates may be used for presentation to the Local Professional Development Committee to fulfill an Individual Professional Development Plan. Workshops will be cancelled due to weather if all six local school districts in the Clark County Educational Service Center area are closed. If you would like a workshop schedule mailed to you, please contact Susie Riegle by telephone, 325-7671 or by email.

CyberSecurity PD for Teachers!

“Education is the key to equality and to opportunity” is a common thread in Governor DeWine’s initiatives for Ohio. To begin achieving this, Governor DeWine wants to modernize technology in classrooms and encourage schools to embrace more computer science and coding course offerings.

Do you see a need for students to increase their IT knowledge? Does your school have cybersecurity/IT electives? Can your school not offer such electives due to the lack of certified computer science/IT educators? If so, we would like to share a significant training opportunity with you and your staff.

Clark State Community College will he holding a week-long Cybersecurity Workshop at our Leffel Lane Campus from June 17-21, 2019.

CyberSecurity Workshop 2019.pdf