Google Apps

G Suite Learning Center - Google's site dedicated to providing educators with basic training on many of the apps you will be using, including: G Drive, Docs, Forms, Sheets, Hangouts, and many more.

Google Drive - "Should I email a file or share a file via Google Drive?" When you want to share files in Google Drive, you are actually sending the location to the file, and not the actual file. This is different from how we are accustomed to attaching a file to an email message. Google Drive file sharing (rather than attaching files and emailing) is helpful for large files such as pictures or videos. Additionally, it allows you to collaborate with others on a document if you wish.

If you email files from your Google Drive, its access permissions still apply. In order for others to see/open the file, they will have to have permission. Emailing the file will enable only the recipient to view the file. If the recipient forwards the file to someone else, the new recipient will not be able to view it. This protects the file from being forwarded and seen by unintended viewers. Watch the video below to learn more, or read more information from Google Drive here.

Password protecting a Google Drive file - This one can be a little tricky, but following the process from the video will provide added protection to a file you want to remain private. You'll need:

  • the file
  • a Google Form created to establish password protection.

Watch the video below to see this process in action.

Check out Google's site for a wealth of information on the apps you use.